Our friends at the Ghent Parties

Yeah, you know, I’m a bit fed up with writing in Dutch, you know, like, our minister of education has decided that English will become our second language and you know, in Flanders and Ghent we’re already preparing ourselves and actually we are almost completely bilingual, you know, some of my friends are even more literate in English than Dutch, at least in terms of poetry, ‘cos they write their lyrics Dylan-style, well not that Dylan tried another language than his own to convey his thoughts and feelings, but you catch my drift, like you’re probably also catching the idea that I’m fed up with punctuation. But not all the time, especially when splitting auxiliary sentences.

Anyhow, where was I? Oh yeah, our friends at the Ghent Parties, or in our dialect “Gènse fieste”, yeah man, it was really cool, too bad Selah Sue wasn’t there ‘cos I was really in the mood for some awwawwoooyeah you know, can’t get enough of her ragged muffin, ah ah, and also dearly missing Triggerfinger, the power!, the looks!, the raw energy of it all!, but hey I don’t want to drag this story too long, so here it is: we had a couple of musical friends gigging at the Gènse Fieste and it was really awesome! Yeah I know I’m overdue with this announcement, and why did I not make some publicity BEFOREHAND on this extremely popular blog to show the masses where to go for some good music and cheering now that there wouldn’t be any awwawwooyeah nor the raw triggerfinger power, ah, why? why? why?, because I FELT like it that’s why. It’s now, and now only that I feel like writing about my friends at the Gènse Fieste so that’s why I do it now and not beforehand, and if you don’t like it that’s your problem, man, come on chill out – I chilled out bigtime on the Gènse Fieste, with my friends and all, I mean not the musician friends cos they were busy gigging but with the rest of them chilling stroppendragers.

OK, OK, I’ll give it a break: who am I talking about, who are these “friends” I like to brag about, who are these masters of performance that just briefly crossed and touched my pathetic Stanza history. I’ll tell you man, I’ll tell you. Here they are:

Fatback Brassband: awesome brass players, mixing up with some kind of rapper and involving our friend and drummer Bert Van Damme. Didn’t see them in the Spiegeltent but saw them on the streets, man, where the good stuff is played, spontaneous you know, everybody cheering for guys they don’t know, that’s when you’re making real art.

Misses Big Stuff: didn’t see the girl, don’t know her, but our mate Sony Vande Putte is singing in her background choir. The man has a voice, he can do anything. Even background choir Sonny is better than most front singers, ah ah.

Wim Toucour: you read our blog, you know the guy. Master of his own style. He won a contest without even participating. Can do that with the lottery man. Must try. I saw Wim, he went berzerk on the MexIIIIIIIIIIco, don’t need that, his own stuff is just too good.

Dr. Eugène: Eugene’s a genius, Eugene’s a gene. Message in a bottle. Awwawooyeah, have to try it out, keep them legs going and don’t lose a grip of your partner. The doctor won’t kill you, or kill you slowly only. Sorry, it’ the medicine. Their violin player is Koen Vanmeerbeeck. He’s a genius!

Headphone: Half of Headphone is Nico Steenkiste. Drummer. Friend. Man I miss him. Great party organizer too. Nico rocks bigtime. Headphone’s more electronic these days. Playing the not so human league anymore. Not all our friends are acoustic. They know why, man, they got it figured out.

Willemsson: son of Willem, you know. Haven’t seen him, we needed to choose man, we went to Clement Peerens Explosition, but anyhow, Pedro De Bruyckere plays in support of Willemsson. You know, Pedro is to Willemsson what Mark Ronson is to Amy Winehouse. Amen to that.

Hermitage: they’re ok, man, nothing wrong with them. Nothing, really. The herm’s a germ. Time will tell.


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